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The Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children (SPDC) for the academic year 2018-19

Consulate General of India
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children (SPDC)  for the academic year 2018-19 is invited.  The online portal for the scheme is spdcindia.gov.in.

(The last date of submission of application online is 30th September 2018)
2. The SPDC is applicable to Children of NRI/PIOs/OCIs in 66 countries for undergraduate programmes. The scheme is applicable to the following four categories:

a) Children of Persons of Indian Origin
b) Children of Non-Resident of Indians
c) Children of Indian Workers working in ECR countries studying
    abroad and
d) Children of Indian Workers in ECR countries – studying in India
3. Of 150 scholarships under SPDC, 50 are reserved for category (c ) and (d) above. To bring further clarity in the eligibility criteria, some changes have been made in the guidelines (attached) w. e. f 2018-19, which are mentioned below:

a) Children of PIO/OCI/NRI who have not passed the qualifying examination (12th) from a foreign country except in the case of children of ECR country workers (category d above), are not eligible for SPDC.
b) Applicants should attach the conversion scale so that grade achieved in qualifying exam (Grade 12th) could be covered into percentage of marks achieved, wherever required.
b) For income proof, in addition to the salary certificate from the employer an undertaking that total monthly income of both the parents does not exceed US$4000 should also be uploaded in SPDC portal.

(For more information and to apply, please visit the website spdcindia.gov.in)



Sl. No Name of the Country  Sl. No. Name of the Country
1 Afghanistan  34 Maldives
2 Australia  35 Mauritius
3 Austria and Montenegro  36 Mozambique
4 Bahrain  37 Myanmar
5 Belgium  38 Nepal…[SAARC]
6 Brunei Darussalam  39 Netherlands
7 Canada  40 New Zealand
8 China  41 Nigeria
9 Ethiopia  42 Norway
10 Fiji 43 Oman
11 France  44 Panama
12 France - Reunion Island  45 Philippines
13 France (Guadeloupe)  46 Portugal
14 Germany  47 Qatar
15 Ghana  48 Russian Federation
16 Greece  49 Saudi Arabia
17 Guyana  50 Singapore
18 Hong Kong - China  51 South Africa
19 Indonesia  52 Sudan
20 Iraq  53 Spain
21 Ireland  54 Syria
22 Italy  55 Sri Lanka …[SAARC]
23 Jamaica  56 Sweden
24 Japan  57 Switzerland
25 Jordan  58 Tanzania
26 Kenya  59 Thailand
27 South Korea  60 Trinidad and Tobago
28 Kuwait  61 U.A.E.
29 Libya  62 U.K.
30 Lebanon  63 U.S.A
31 Madagascar  64 Uganda
32 Malawi  65 Zambia
33 Malaysia  66 Yemen